Business Partners

Business Partners

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ATG LegalServe, Inc.® is a licensed private detective agency providing process service and skip tracing to lawyers nationwide. Serving litigation documents accurately and on time is essential to the legal process. In addition to process serving, we provide other services such as surveillance and courthouse related assignments. We are fast, accurate, and—due to our extensive experience—intuitive. Our staff has a combined experience of more than 40 years and prides itself on attention to detail. ATG LegalServe represents you in the field and pledges to uphold your professional business image. Premier firms deserve premier business partners.

In support of your eFiling with File & ServeXpress, we can assist in the delivery of your in-hand courtesy copies.

Our prices are competitive and we offer volume discounts. Same-day service is available upon request. We are based in Chicago and offer nationwide service through our extensive network.

Customers may place orders online through our website, email, or regular US mail. We also offer at no additional charge, pick-up for our downtown Chicago customers. Contact us at or call 312.855.0303. To learn more, visit

Records Depository

Access the Madison County Central Records Depository (CRD) online index. Access forms and documents.


Civil Reporting

Nationwide technology leader in the court reporting of complex cases, including realtime and video, as well as trial support services.


Asbestos Reporting

Nationwide court reporting and legal support services. Experience in multiple party/class action and expertise in asbestos court reporting.