Landlord Tenant and Small Claims Batch Filing

FSX is offering the following Batch Filing Concierge Service.

Concierge Batch Filing Service: 

  1. 1. If the batch filing is unsuccessful due to a technical issue in CFX, our dedicated Concierge Team will work hands on with the firm to resolve the transmission issues. The firm will send FSX required information to the dedicated Batch Filing Service email address at: The following information will be needed to submit the batch filing:
    1. a. A copy of the completed Excel batch template
    2. b. Corresponding documents in any of these accepted formats (Word, JPEG, TIF, TIFF, RTF, TXT, HTML, PDF)
    3. c. In the body of the email indicate:
      1. i. Contact information for the firm representative that will be available to answer questions and provide additional information.
      2. ii. Credentials: the firm may elect to add a concierge team member temporarily to their account or provide other credentials. All of which they can control by editing resetting password and deleting.
      3. iii. Preferred payment option.
      4. iv. This information will be kept by FSX internally for use during the concierge batch filing service. Any updates or changes to these preferences must be communicated via the same email listed above.
  2. 2. The Concierge Team will review the documents and data to ensure the batch adheres to the published Superior Court of the District of Columbia Civil Division – Landlord & Tenant eFiling Guidance
  3. 3. The Concierge Team will identify and correct common errors, but at any time must be able to contact the firm if additional information is needed. Any technical errors we are unable to resolve will be immediately escalated to the CaseFileXpress technical team. The Concierge Team will take ownership of resolving the technical issues and communicating regularly with the attorney or designated representative.
  4. 4. Upon successful submission of the batch, the Concierge Team will reply to the Requestor’s email to communicate the successful transmission and provide the appropriate trace numbers.
  5. 5. All notifications and other details relating to the batch transmission will be available on the user’s dashboard and via email.

**Note: This service is only offered for CaseFileXpress Batch Filing.

Batch Filing Improvements

March 13, 2019

  1. 1. Change the behavior of duplicate row detection in the batch subsequent filing template so that any unique Address field (e.g. “Address 2”) qualifies the row as unique (i.e. the row will not be removed as a suspected duplicate).

February 27, 2019

  1. 1. Add a fix for the bug where sometimes the last filing in a subsequent filing batch is not merged correctly, resulting in the last filing being rejected.

January 23, 2019

  1. 1. Add new Document(Docket) Types in the Document type drop down menu for Landlord Tenant Batch filing cases
  2. 2. Update Batch filing Case Initiation and Subsequent spreadsheets for Landlord Tenant and Small Claims to include the new Document(Docket) types; please use the new template for all filings going forward

January 9, 2019

  1. 1. Permanently store uploaded batch zip files to help Customer Service reproduce and resolve issues faster
  2. 2. Permanently record failed batch upload attempts and failure reasons for auditing and improved issue tracking
  3. 3. Remove non-allowed characters from the Special Instructions to the Clerk field to avoid “invalid character” error

January 3, 2019

  1. 1. Allow more than one instance of a given case number in the subsequent batch filing spreadsheet (i.e. eliminate the duplicate case number filter)
  2. 2. Allow filers to submit special instructions to Clerk for subsequent filing batches

2018 Updates

December 2, 2018:

CFX released the first round of improvements to the batch filing process on December 2, 2018.

 This release will address the error handling and messaging when filers submit a batch to provide concise error messages.

  1. 1. Provide error messages when data is missing or needs to be corrected. For example, when a filer omits the Plaintiff from Role1, the system will now tell the filer that Role1 information needs to be entered on the spreadsheet before proceeding.
  1. 2. When document types as entered on the spreadsheet do not match the specified document type, a message will inform the filer of the specific row that the document type needs corrected.
  2. 3. During the upload process, the CaseFileXpress application remove spaces that appear at the beginning or end of data entered.
  3. 4. The CFX Batch Process removed the most common special characters from the Case Title/Style field, so that the filer can enter the case title without receiving errors for common acronyms like d/b/a. Characters that will not be removed from the Case Title/Style field are spaces, hyphens, alpha-numeric characters, commas and periods.
  4. 5. The CFX Batch Process will remove special characters that are not supported so the filing can be submitted without error.
  5. 6. If an ampersand (&) is entered in any of the following fields, it will be replaced by the word “and” as needed by the CourtView case management system.
  6. 7. If “plaintiff” or “defendant” is misspelled the role type will be corrected allowing the filer to submit.
  7. 8. Standard postal code abbreviations, full state names and the most common acronyms for US/USA/United states will be accepted and allow the filer to submit.
  8. 9. Filers can select the appropriate attorney in the “Filing Attorney” dropdown during the batch filing process.
  9. 10. Allow filers to retrieve cases on the Case Information screen.
  10. 11. The batch filing spreadsheet can now accept cases with more than two roles.
  11. 12. CFX will identify validation errors upon upload.
  1. December 9, 2018:
  2. 1. The Batch Filing program has a validation protocol to prevent duplicate filings from being submitted to the Court. The validation protocol has been refined to include party first names allowing multiple parties with the same last name to be filed in a case.
  3. 2. Special characters listed in the Court’s ‘Document Type’ descriptions will be retained
  1. December 11, 2018:
  2. 1. When a filing within a batch cannot be processed an error message will be provided on the filer’s dashboard. It will identify which filings have an issue. The error message will remain on the filer’s dashboard until it is cleared by the filer.
  1. December 19, 2018:
  2. 1. “Error Occurred while Saving Batch”
    This error is corrected. It was caused when document types identically named in Landlord Tenant and Small Claims court assignments were selected.

Dedicated Batch Filing Support

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How much does it cost to batch file for Landlord Tenant & Small Claims through CaseFileXpress?

EFiling fees are calculated by adding the court filing fee (if applicable) + the CaseFileXpress fee ($62.50) + a (2.5% + $1) processing fee to NIC, the service that remits court and filing fees to the DC Superior Court and File & ServeXpress.

How much does it cost to eFile for Landlord Tenant & Small Claims through CaseFileXpress?

EFiling fees are calculated by adding the court filing fee (if applicable) + the CaseFileXpress fee ($5.00) + a (2.5% + $1) processing fee to NIC, the service that remits court and filing fees to the DC Superior Court and File & ServeXpress.

How much does it cost to send discovery service for Landlord Tenant & Small Claims to opposing counsel? 

The total cost for discovery service is $8.00 regardless of the number of attorneys served, up to 30 MB per transmission.

What payment options do you offer?

File & ServeXpress accepts American Express, Visa, and MasterCard credit cards, debit cards, and pre-paid debit cards for all CaseFileXpress transactions. File & ServeXpress also offers monthly billing for firms/agencies with credit approval. Please contact customer support to request our credit application:

Does File & ServeXpress charge for an electronic filing rejected by the Court Clerk?

No fees are charged when an electronic filing is rejected by the Court Clerk.

Note: if one or more filings within a batch are rejected (but not the entire batch), the flat rate for the batch fee is still charged.  However, if the entire batch is rejected, the batch fee will not be charged.