Washington, DC Superior Court

Civil Division / Probate & Tax calendar assignments (effective January 1, 2018)

Unless the Judge has otherwise advised you, motions that are ripe as of December 8, 2017, remain with the 'outgoing' Judge. The incoming Judge will need to be served with any filings relating to motions that will be ripe after that date.

Calendar Assignment 2017 Judge 2018 Judge eService Email 2018 Courtroom
Civil II, Calendar 1 Di Toro Mott JudgeMottEServe@dcsc.gov 518
Civil II, Calendar 2 Rankin Rankin JudgeRankinEServe@dcsc.gov 517
Civil I, Calendar 3 Josey-Herring Josey-Herring JudgeJosey-HerringEServe@dcsc.gov 221
Civil I, Calendar 4 Mott Cordero JudgeCorderoEServe@dcsc.gov A-50
Civil II, Calendar 5 CIVIL CAL 5 JUDGE TBA Epstein JudgeEpsteinEServe@dcsc.gov 200
Civil II, Calendar 6 Kravitz Kravitz JudgeKravitzEServe@dcsc.gov 100
Civil II, Calendar 7 Unassigned Unassigned This Calendar will not be covered, cases are being transferred to other judges
Civil II, Calendar 8 Jackson, W Jackson, W JudgeJacksonEServe@dcsc.gov 219
Civil II, Calendar 9 Pan Pan JudgePanEServe@dcsc.gov 415
Civil II, Calendar 10 Rigsby Rigsby JudgeRigsbyEServe@dcsc.gov 201
Civil II, Calendar 11 Edelman Puig-Lugo JudgePuig-LugoEServe@dcsc.gov 317
Civil II, Calendar 12 Holeman Holeman JudgeHolemanEServe@dcsc.gov 516
Civil II, Calendar 13 Campbell Campbell JudgeCampbellEServe@dcsc.gov 519
Civil II, Calendar 14 Wingo Wingo JudgeWingoEServe@dcsc.gov A-47
Civil II, Calendar 15 PJ Johnson, R Johnson, R JudgeJohnsonEServe@dcsc.gov 212
Civil II, Calendar 16 DPJ Cordero Cordero JudgeCorderoEServe@dcsc.gov A-50
Collection & Foreclosure, Calendar 18 Raymond Brandt MagistrateJudgeBrandtEServe@dcsc.gov 214
Collection & Foreclosure, Calendar 19 Trafford Trafford MagistrateJudgeTraffordEServe@dcsc.gov B-52
L&T Calendar 2 Seniors Rotate Seniors Rotate B-53
Small Claims Brenneman SMALL CLAIMS JUDGE B-119
Probate & Tax  Cal 1 Canan UNASSIGNED JudgeProbateEServe@dcsc.gov TBA
Probate & Tax  Cal 2 Irving DPJ Irving DPJ JudgeIrvingEServe@dcsc.gov A-48
Probate & Tax  Cal 3 Fisher DPJ Fisher DPJ JudgeFisherEServe@dcsc.gov A-49
Probate & Tax  Cal 4 Soltys Soltys JudgeSoltysEServe@dcsc.gov A-51
Probate & Tax  Cal 5 New Calendar Wiedmann MagistrateJudgeWiedmannEServe@dcsc.gov A-46

Family Court calendar assignments (effective January 1, 2018)

The incoming judicial calendar assignments for the Family Court are posted below.

Calendar Assignment 2017 Judge 2018 Judge eService Email 2018 Courtroom Assignment
Name Changes/ SIJIS/Backup/Emergency PJ Dalton Dalton JudgeDaltonEServe@dcsc.gov JM-9
Cal. 1 DR & Neg. Becker Becker JudgeBeckerEServe@dcsc.gov 104
Cal. 2 DR & Neg. Wellner Wellner JudgeWellnerEServe@dcsc.gov 101
Cal. 3 DR & Neg. Nooter Nooter JudgeNooterEServe@dcsc.gov JM-5
Cal. 4 DR & Neg. McCabe Anderson JudgeAndersonEServe@dcsc.gov JM-14
Cal. 5 DR1 Iscoe O'Keefe JudgeO'KeefeEServe@dcsc.gov 103
Cal. 6 Juvenile Anderson Okun JudgeOkunEServe@dcsc.gov JM-7
Cal. 7 Juvenile Christian, E McCabe JudgeMcCabeEServe@dcsc.gov JM-2
Cal. 8 Truan/PINS/UncontDiv (formerly Juvenile & DR) Williams Williams JudgeWilliamsEServe@dcsc.gov JM-4
Cal. 9 Juvenile UNASSIGNED UNASSIGNED This Calendar will not be covered, cases are being transferred to other judges
Cal. 11 Adoptions/Name Changes Iscoe Williams JudgeWilliamsEServe@dcsc.gov JM-4
Cal. 13 MH PJ Krauthhamer Krauthhamer JudgeKrauthamerEServe@dcsc.gov JM-12
Cal. 15 Neg. Cal. 31 Family Drug Bouchet De Witt MagistrateJudgeDeWittEServe@dcsc.gov JM-8
Cal. 16 Neg. & Abuse Mulkey Mulkey MagistrateJudgeMulkeyEServe@dcsc.gov JM-17
Cal. 17 Neg. & Abuse Jones-Bosier Jones-Bosier MagistrateJudgeJones-BosierEServe@dcsc.gov JM-16
Cal. 18 Neg. & Abuse/Cal. 33 Fathering Crt Johnson, N Johnson, N MagistrateJudgeNJohnsonEServe@dcsc.gov JM-11
Cal. 19 Neg. & Abuse Albert Albert MagistrateJudgeAlbertEServe@dcsc.gov JM-10
Cal. 20 Neg. & Abuse Nolan Nolan MagistrateJudgeNolanEServe@dcsc.gov 108
Cal. 21 Neg. & Abuse Breslow Breslow MagistrateJudgeBreslowEServe@dcsc.gov 99
Cal. 22 Neg. & Abuse Fentress Fentress MagistrateJudgeFentressEServe@dcsc.gov 106
Cal. 24 P&S Mixed Vila Vila MagistrateJudgeVilaEServe@dcsc.gov 109
Cal. 25 P&S Mixed De Witt Unassigned This Calendar will not be covered, cases are being transferred to other judges
Cal. 26 P&S Mixed Wiedmann Brenneman MagistrateJudgeBrennemanEServe@dcsc.gov 105
Cal. 27 New Referrals Seoane-Lopez Seoane-Lopez MagistrateJudgeSeoane-LopezEServe@dcsc.gov JM-15
Cal. 28 Mental Habilitation Lepley Lepley MagistrateJudgeLepleyEServe@dcsc.gov A-45
Cal. 29 DR & Neg O'Keefe Leibovitz JudgeLeibovitzEServe@dcsc.gov 102
Cal. 30 DR & Neg Okun Christian, E JudgeEChristianEServe@dcsc.gov JM-13
Cal. 34 Juvenile Behavior Diversion Program Rook Rook MagistrateJudgeRookEServe@dcsc.gov JM-1
Mental Health Commission Rook Rook MagistrateJudgeRookEServe@dcsc.gov JM-1
P&S Civil Contempt Magistrate Judges Magistrate Judges   JM-6

Criminal Division / Domestic Violence calendar assignments (effective January 1, 2018)

Calendar Assignment 2017 Judge 2018 Judge eService Email 2018 Courtroom
F 1, Cal. 1 Bartnoff Bartnoff JudgeBartnoffEServe@dcsc.gov 314
F 1, Cal. 2 PJ Leibovitz McKenna JudgeMcKennaEServe@dcsc.gov 215
F 1, Cal. 2 PJ Lee Lee JudgeLeeEServe@dcsc.gov 302
F 1, Cal. 3 Lopez Beck JudgeBeckEServe@dcsc.gov 316
F 1, Cal. 4 Bush Dayson JudgeDaysonEServe@dcsc.gov 318
F 1, Cal. 5 Puig-Lugo Iscoe JudgeIscoeEServe@dcsc.govv 313
F 2, Cal. 4 Motley Salerno JudgeSalernoEServe@dcsc.gov 218
F 2, Cal. 5 Knowles Knowles JudgeKnowlesEServe@dcsc.gov 319
F 2, Cal. 6 Beck Edelman JudgeEdelmanEServe@dcsc.gov 310
F 2, Cal. 7 Raffinan Di Toro JudgeDiToroEServe@dcsc.gov 216
F 2, Cal. 8 Epstein Berk JudgeBerkEServe@dcsc.gov 321
F 2, Cal. 10 McKenna Judge Felony 2 Cal 10 JudgeF2Cal10EServe@dcsc.gov 312
F 2, Cal. 11 Demeo Demeo JudgeDemeoEServe@dcsc.gov 311
F 2, Cal. 12 Dayson Lopez JudgeLopezEServe@dcsc.gov 217
F 2, Drug Court Gardner Gardner JudgeGardnerEServe@dcsc.gov 213
M Cal 1D Community Court Salerno Ross JudgeRossEServe@dcsc.gov 210
M Cal 2D & 4D Community Court Weisberg Weisberg JudgeWeisbergEServe@dcsc.gov 202
M Cal 3D Community Court Ross (Senior Judge rotation) COMM CT 3D JudgeCommCourt3DEServe@dcsc.gov 220
M Cal 5D Community Court (Senior Judges) COMM CT 5D (Senior Judges) COMM CT 5D JudgeCommCourt5DEServe@dcsc.gov 111
M Cal 6D Community Court Broderick Broderick JudgeBroderickEServe@dcsc.gov 112
M Cal. 7D Community Court Unassigned Unassigned This Calendar will not be covered, cases are being transferred to other judges
M. Cal. 11 MH Diversion Court Pasichow Pasichow JudgePasichowEServe@dcsc.gov 211
DC Cal. 1 (formerly M, Cal. 9 DC/Traffic Trials) Brandt Noti MagistrateJudgeNotiEServe@dcsc.gov 120
DC Cal. 2 (formerly )M, Cal. 8 DC/Traffic Com Crt) Noti Raymond MagistrateJudgeRaymondEServe@dcsc.gov 115
DC Cal.3 (formerly M Cal.10 DC/Traff. DUI) Matini Matini MagistrateJudgeMatiniEServe@dcsc.gov 116
Preliminary Hearings/Arraignments Staples Staples 301/C-10
Arraignment/Rotation Arthur Arthur 301/C-10
Criminal Calendar 1 Smith Smith JudgeSmithEServe@dcsc.gov 117
Criminal Calendar 2 Ryan Saddler PJ JudgeSaddlerEServe@dcsc.gov 118
Civil PJ Saddler PJ Raffinan JudgeRaffinanEServe@dcsc.gov 113
Civil Berk Ryan JudgeRyanEServe@dcsc.gov 114
Arraignment/TPO/P&S Herrmann Judge Courtroom 119 (Arthur/Hermann/Staples rotation) Courtroom119EServe@dcsc.gov 119
Backup Mon & Fri Trafford Trafford 204

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