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DC Superior- Filing into an Existing Case

Play this video to learn more about filing into an existing case in DC Superior Court.

DC Superior- New Case Initiation

Play this video to learn more about filing a new case in DC Superior Court.

How To Guides

To learn more about eFiling and eServing, the following user’s guides provide detailed information on product features, benefits and technical specifications. Download this essential reading today.

User Guide – Filing into an existing Civil Case

User Guide – Filing into an existing Criminal Case

User Guide – Filing into an existing Probate case

User Guide for Civil Cases – New Case Initiation

User Guide – Registering to CaseFileXpress

EFiling is currently unavailable for Landlord Tenant, Small Claims and Criminal cases.

How To Guides

Here are six simple tips to keep handy that will make eFiling a snap. Download the checklist for easy reference.

Tip 1: Electronic Signatures

“/s/" alone is acceptable – example shown below. If desired, you may add a typed, scanned, or digital signature to the right of the “/s/". Remember to include the email address, phone number, and bar number underneath the signature line on all filings.

Brad Smith, DC BAR Number: 999999
Smith & Jones, LLC
1200 Pennsylvania Ave
Washington, DC 20006
(202) 879-0000

Tip 2: Register to ensure you receive eService (even if you aren’t filing on a case)

Even if you do not need to eFile on a case, you must register within CaseFileXpress in the event that opposing counsel needs to eServe you.
Register Here >>

Everyone that uses CaseFileXpress will need their own user-id and password including but not limited to attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants and legal secretaries. We will need the attorney’s bar number and email address when registering.
Register Here >>

Tip 3: Know your exact case number including any extensions (certain case types have unique formatting requirements)

When eFiling, it is important to enter your case number in the correct format as designated by the Court. If the case number is entered incorrectly, the Court’s case management system will not recognize your case number and you will not be able to continue with the filing.

Tip 4: Be sure to include a Certificate of Service with each filing

Although we will eServe attorneys on the service list, you may have Pro Se parties. Your certificate should indicate whether attorneys were eServed by CaseFileXpress and/or if traditional means were used to serve Pro Se parties.

Tip 5: Uploading Supporting documents (Note: Probate and Civil have different requirements)

For Civil, Tax, and Family Court cases upload the lead document into the first field, which is titled “Lead Document File Name” on the CaseFileXpress screen – examples of lead documents are the Motion, Notice, Praecipe, Opposition, etc. Upload into the second field, which is titled “Attachment File Names” on the CaseFileXpress screen, all other supporting documents of the filing (such as the points and authorities, exhibits, affidavits, proposed order and certificate of service). These can be uploaded as separate documents but must be merged into one PDF after uploading. To do this use the “merge” button on the CaseFileXpress screen to merge all supporting documents into one PDF.

For Probate cases – upload all required documents in one PDF in the first field which is titled “Lead Document File Name” on the CaseFileXpress screen. You must create your single PDF on your computer with all required documents for your Probate filing prior to uploading the PDF on the CaseFileXpress website.

Tip 6: Bar numbers for attorneys filing in Washington, DC Superior Court must be six digits.

If you have a five-digit number, please add a leading zero. If you are filing Pro Hac Vice, please use the bar number “999999” when registering with CaseFileXpress. You must still eFile all appropriate documents with the court for a Pro Hac Vice request.

New Bar Members
If you are new to the DC Bar, please contact the court to have your information added to the court’s case management system before you attempt to eFile, by emailing the appropriate contact below. Please have the following information available:

  • Title (Mr., Ms., etc.)
  • Name
  • Bar Number
  • Work Address
  • Phone Number

Who to Contact:

Tip 7: Be sure to email your proposed order to the Judge in an editable format.

After a submission of a motion or any transaction that contains a proposed court order, you must EMAIL an editable copy of the proposed order to the judge to “judge [last name]eserve@dcsc.gov” or “magistratejudge [last name of magistrate judge] eserve@dcsc.gov” or for Probate cases to ProbateDivisioneFiling@dcsc.gov.


How much does it cost to eFile through CaseFileXpress?

EFiling fees are calculated by adding the court filing fee (if applicable) + the CaseFileXpress fee ($15.00) + a (2.5% + $1) processing fee to NIC, the service that remits court and filing fees to the DC Superior Court and File & ServeXpress.

How much does it cost to send discovery service to opposing counsel?

The total cost for discovery service is $8.50 regardless of the number of attorneys served, up to 30 MB per transmission.

What payment options do you offer?

File & ServeXpress accepts American Express, Visa, and MasterCard credit cards, debit cards, and pre-paid debit cards for all CaseFileXpress transactions. File & ServeXpress also offers monthly billing for firms/agencies with credit approval. Please contact customer support to request our credit application: info@fileandserve.com

Does File & ServeXpress charge for an electronic filing rejected by the Court Clerk?

No fees are charged when an electronic filing is rejected by the Court Clerk.

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