Electronic Filing & Service

Enabled Case Types

  • All CA Case Types
  • All CM Case Types
  • All Guardianship & Trust Case Types

Recent Amendments

The Court of Chancery has made amendments to Rule 3(bb). These changes will go into effect on August 15, 2018.

In an effort to streamline procedures to further protect people with disabilities, several amendments to the guardianship rules have been amended, effective July 1, 2018.

For more information, please refer to the Court of Chancery Rules.

Rules and Orders

Efiling and Eservice procedures

  • Filing & Service deadline: 5:00 PM ET, with the exception of expedited matters. Refer to Rule 79.2 for further information.
  • Signature requirements: Typed “/s/ Adam Attorney" and DE Bar Number for signing attorney.
  • Statutory filing fees: Invoiced monthly with FSX charges.
  • New case filing accepted electronically: Yes
  • Multi-case filing permitted: Yes.
  • Automated payment of statutory fees: Yes.
  • Non-subscriber service: Delivery sent by FSX via facsimile.

Special Instructions

View the Court of Chancery website for further details regarding rules, forms, and other instructions