Rejected Filing?

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File & ServeXpress works with the Court to identify local rules of procedure and special instructions that specifically relate to eFiling processes. Our training classes are designed to help you file successfully and avoid rejected filings. However, if you do receive a rejected filing, we are available to guide you through the necessary corrective action.


Avoiding Rejections

IL DuPage County Top Reasons for Rejections

Reason 1: No Entry of Appearance on File

How to Avoid: An Entry of Appearance must be filed for any Attorney that wishes to authorize filings. The Court will not add an attorney to the service list without an Entry of Appearance. To ensure that there are no delays with your filings and that they properly integrate with the Court’s case management system, please file your entry of appearance as the first document in your first filing into the case.

Reason 2: Incorrect Authorizing Attorney

How to Avoid: DuPage County requires that the attorney chosen to authorize filings:

  1. Has an ARDC # on file with File & ServeXpress.
  2. Has filed an appearance in the corresponding case.
  3. Is listed as an attorney on the pleading.
Reason 3: eFiling Discovery Documents into the Court/Case not eligible for eFiling

How to Avoid: The document type “Discovery – use for electronic service only" is provided for firms to conveniently eServe Discovery to one another using the File & ServeXpress system. When using this document type to send Discovery, firms should never select “File & Serve" as the delivery option on the Review & Submit tab. Instead, firms should be sure to only select “Serve Only Public" or “Serve Only Private" as the delivery option on the Review & Submit tab before submitting the filing.

Reason 4: Combining Multiple Pleadings Together in One File

How to Avoid: Firms should not combine pleadings into one file. For example, a firm should upload their Motion for Summary Judgment, and then upload their Exhibits and their Proposed Order as separate documents. The Court will reject any transaction where documents have been combined into one file with the exception of Summonses.

Reason 5: Pleadings for Multiple Parties Filed in the Same Transaction

How to Avoid: Pleadings for multiple parties must be uploaded in separate transactions. If your firm intends to submit pleadings in the same case on behalf of two or more parties, you must submit separate transactions for each party.

Reason 6: Sending Party Does Not Match the Pleading/Incorrect Document Attached/No Case Number on the Pleading

How to Avoid: Please be sure to double-check your pleadings for accuracy before submitting them to the Court. The Court will reject documents with inaccurate or missing information. You can easily review your documents after they have been uploaded into your transaction by using the hyperlinks on both the Documents and Review & Submit tabs.

Reason 7: Duplicate Filings

How to Avoid:

  1. It can take the Court more time than anticipated to review paper-filed documents. If you have paper-filed a document, but do not see it on the docket, there is a very good chance that it has not yet been processed by the Court. Prior to eFiling a document that you have already paper-filed, please confirm with the Court that it has not been processed.
  2. If you are ever unsure whether or not a filing that you have submitted has been sent to the Court, check your Sent Items queue in the “Mailbox" section of your homepage. If the filing is in your Sent Items and was filed, or filed and served, then it was submitted to the Court.
Reason 8:  Exhibits must be marked as “Exhibits"

How to Avoid: Your exhibits must be marked “Exhibit" and have the case number on the first page.  Separate exhibits must be marked separately.

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