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Mandatory eFiling January 2018 will wait for no one.

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Are you ready? We are!

File & ServeXpress is the premier eFiling service nationwide. We are the ONLY service that:

    Can front all fees and bill monthly for all transactions

    Has proven technology that addresses the specific case filing and service needs of all law firms

    Has a nationwide footprint, with 190,000 users including customers in ALL top litigation firms

    Has 24/7, 365 days a year expert customer service and support

    Can file into key jurisdictions including Washington, D.C., Delaware, San Francisco, Illinois, Texas and California

    Can support ALL case sizes and service types

    Has the pioneer advantage of more than 25 years’ experience in the field

Our systems have been developed in consultation with our customers. That’s why they are easy to use, intuitive and do not require hours of training. As the leader in the industry, you have the assurance that our functionality has been thoroughly tried and tested. Our unrivaled training support and customer service backup also ensures you can take full advantage of our services immediately.

Who better to prepare you for the eFiling mandate in January 2018 than the File & Serve Illinois portal from File & ServeXpress?

We are completely confident that when you try our eFiling services in the File & Serve Illinois portal, you will be so impressed by the functionality, and the ease and speed of your transactions, that you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

Hurry - and sign up today before the eFiling mandate in January 1st 2018!

Note: Before registering please review the registration guide. Training for File & Serve Illinois can be found here.

Need additional help? Please check out these articles (originally featured in Chicago Lawyer), that we have created to help you prepare for the transition in advance for the the mandate.

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