File & Serve Indiana is a customized eFiling application for the statewide eFile Indiana system, developed by File & ServeXpress – the same company that provided eFiling and eService to mass tort, mortgage foreclosure, collections, and environmental cases in Marion County for 15 years.

File & Serve Indiana offers a flat rate for all features so no confusion over multiple pricing plans or subscriptions, plus firms utilizing eService for their complex cases enjoy the benefit of eFiling for free. Filers have access to the most extensive and experienced customer support and training in the industry.

The File & Serve Indiana Advantage

  • ✔ 24/7/365 expert support
  • ✔ Monthly invoicing for all transactions – other EFSPs only include with more expensive plan options
  • ✔ Permanent document storage – other EFSPs only offer storage from 7 days to 3 years
  • ✔ Free PDF conversion
  • ✔ Dedicated firm account manager
  • ✔ Rejected filing support
  • ✔ EService for Complex cases nationwide
  • ✔ Concierge eFiling anywhere in the country

Features At-A-Glance

eFile 24x7

With the convenience of File & ServeXpress you can meet filing deadlines without leaving your desk. You can even schedule a filing for the future with the click of a mouse.

eServe Opposing Counsel

Online Service Lists make it quick and easy to serve opposing counsel electronically.

Receive immediate proof of delivery

Eliminate uncertainty and lag time when you file and serve. Our proactive notifications immediately let you know precisely when, how, and to whom your documents were delivered, when you have been served with documents, and the status of your filings (submitted, accepted, and/or rejected)

Increase efficiency today

At $2.99 per eFiling and eService transaction (with an unlimited number of eServe recipients), File & Serve Indiana is the smart way to increase your firm’s bottom line by increasing efficiency and improving productivity

File & Serve anytime with no rush fees.

Avoid the hassles of courier rush fees. With File & Serve Indiana there are never rush fees and filing and serving takes a matter of minutes

Free document access in your cases.

Access your case documents electronically served upon you or eFiled/eServed by you, including file stamped copies, eServed copies, and judge’s orders 24×7, via a secure, password-protected Internet connection

Ready To Get Started?

Registering is easy. Simply provide a little information about your organization and add any users who will need to file and/or access documents in a case. Registration is free. There is no charge to set up an account or to add users.

Helping You Every Step of The Way.

Have a Question? Get in touch with one of our eFiling specialists to help jumpstart your process.