eFiling for Courts and Government Agencies

File & ServeXpress is pleased to partner with Justice Systems. Our eFiling system compliments Justice Systems Court Case Management System. File & ServeXpress provides a secure eFiling and eService solution that allows documents to be electronically filed with courts and public agencies. The intake process is fully automated, eliminating the need for paper-based and fax filing. With eFiling and eService, courts and agencies can also eliminate the costly overhead associated with the handling, organizing, and storing of paper-based documents.

Courts and Agencies that use File & ServeXpress are able to establish a much more efficient intake workflow and report significant time and resource savings. Additionally, once a user eFiles or eServes, they are able to instantly pay the fees and receive immediate filing receipts and verifiable proof of service records. All documents are securely stored online and easily tracked, traced and organized for quick reference.  At File & ServeXpress we are dedicated to providing you with the tools and resources that you need to use our products efficiently and effectively. Listen to the video below to find out more about File & ServeXpress. 

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