File & ServeXpress provides a “game-changer” for managing complex litigation

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MDL Case Study – Herman, Herman & Katz LLC

A detailed application profile demonstrating the many real-world benefits of File & Serve for litigators involved in a multidistrict litigation, complex case or mass torts. Find out how our secure document exchange tool was leveraged to successfully and efficiently execute more than 17,500 transactions against the backdrop of the Deepwater Horizon, BP Oil spill.

Taking on MDLs With Technology

Review our system in an MDL setting from a Court’s perspective. Gain useful insights to MDL best practices from Judge Eldon E. Fallon, as he relates the benefits of our eService application to the VIOXX and Chinese drywall litigations.

Serving Into Your Case: Paper, Email or Private Vendor?

Featured in Chicago Lawyer (August 2017), This objective and detailed article will enable you to weigh in on the pros and cons of the various service options and make an informed choice with regard to document exchange and storage.

Large Scale Litigation in 2017: A Year of Change

This article, featured in Chicago Lawyer December 2017, provides a comprehensive digest and review of the legislative and judicial developments that occurred in 2017. It outlines their relevance and impact on how class actions, mass/toxic torts and MDL cases should be conducted, as well as provides an insightful best practice guide for complex case management.

Concerned About The Environment?

Check out this infographic and find out the real cost of paper-based eService. In addition, let us conduct a no obligation analysis on your paper use and show you exactly how many trees and dollars you will be saving by turning your law firm into a paperless litigation provider. Contact Marketing at to receive a personalized analysis demonstrating the cost-benefits of eService for your firm.

File & ServeXpress LLC Datasheet

File & ServeXpress is the preferred choice for MDL, mass tort, and complex case litigators nationwide. Find out why here. A sample of the complex cases we have handled include Equifax, BP Oil, Tobacco, Vioxx, Millennium Tower, Chinese Drywall, Propulsid, Pool Products, Rialto, Colton, to name just a few. Questions? Please contact We are available to help you 24/7, 365 days a year or register and eServe with us today!