Delaware Court of Common Pleas Launches New eFiling System

The Delaware State Court and File & ServeXpress, both eFiling pioneers, launch the new File & Serve Delaware eFiling system in the Court of Common Pleas

WILMINGTON, DE/IRVING, TEXAS (April 3, 2017) – The Delaware State Court in partnership with File & ServeXpress launched File & Serve Delaware today in the Court of Common Pleas. File & Serve Delaware is a new eFiling system created in conjunction with the Delaware State Court to replace the legacy eFiling system for the Court of Common Pleas.

File & ServeXpress already provides eFiling services for the Superior Court, The Court of Chancery, the Register of Wills, and the Supreme Court. Implementation of File & Serve Delaware is the beginning of a transition to provide a streamlined eFiling solution for both the public and Delaware court system.

“We are excited about the launch of the Court of Common Pleas new eFiling system which marks the next step in our efforts to put our entire Court system on a single, quality eFiling system for all civil and criminal cases, an effort we believe will benefit the public, lawyers, litigants, and all of our justice system partners," said Delaware Supreme Court Chief Justice Leo E. Strine, Jr.

File & ServeXpress and the Delaware Superior Court are the pioneers of eFiling, with eFiling of insurance coverage cases starting in 1991. Soon after, the court added asbestos cases to its eFiling system, and expanded in 2003 into the Court of Chancery with civil action cases. In 2005, the Delaware Supreme Court went live with civil cases and now provides eFiling in civil, criminal, family, and disciplinary matters. The Register of Wills courts expanded most recently, from 2012-2015.

“Through our partnership with the Delaware State Court, we are implementing a new eFiling system with updated technology,” said Tammy Carter, CEO of File & ServeXpress. “Once again, the Delaware court is leading the way by improving operations and offering enhanced services to the public and private law firms."

File & Serve Delaware provides filers with monthly invoicing for firms and 24/7 access to their case docket online as well as expert customer support and extensive training opportunities. Filers will enjoy expanded reporting functionality, query and filtering options to sort case information, and the ability to schedule filings in advance. Additionally, the system offers a friendly user interface for ease of use and time-savings.

File & Serve Delaware is fully integrated in real time with the court’s case management system and offers new features for the court that also benefit the filers, including a clerk review process and a judge review module. The judge review module allows staff to evaluate requests and judges to quickly rule electronically without having to print or scan documents. The system places an overlay stamp on the document indicating the ruling, as well as stamping a signature on the secure document. Additionally, File & Serve Delaware has improved email notifications, flagging for cases requiring certain reliefs, as well as the ability to assign cases to a specific clerk for processing.

About File & ServeXpress
File & ServeXpress, headquartered in Irving, Texas, focuses on providing attorneys with case, document and party management solutions that simplify the litigation workflow of a case. By offering electronic filing to courts, process service, secure document exchange among judges and attorneys, alert and notification tools, and a document repository, File & ServeXpress offers a complete litigation solution for the life of a case.

File & ServeXpress was formed in 2012 through an acquisition of two of the pioneers of eFiling and electronic service – CaseFileXpress and File & Serve, a former LexisNexis company. The resulting combination brought together products and teams with more than 25 years of experience in legal eFiling and service delivery, forming the leader in the industry.

The File & ServeXpress team has successfully worked with attorneys and courts around the country to implement electronic filing, with existing eFiling and/or secure document exchange projects spanning 30 states and the District of Columbia. In addition to File & Serve Delaware, the current products in the File & ServeXpress portfolio include File & ServeXpress, File & Serve Texas, File & Serve Indiana, and CaseFileXpress.

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Bonnie Caver