File & ServeXpress Continues Expansion in California with Complete Solution for Litigators

Multi-phase California expansion adds eight new counties.

Irving, Texas (June 29, 2016) – For the second time this month, File & ServeXpress by Mozato has expanded its reach by adding more California jurisdictions, providing a complete solution to litigators with e-Filing, Case Initiation, Service of Process, e-Service with Secure Document Exchange and Online Document Repository, all through the File & ServeXpress portal. With the expansion of eight new counties, File & ServeXpress continues a multi-phase plan that will reach the entire state of California by the end of 2016.

Through File & ServeXpress’ Concierge Service, attorneys can upload documents for filing with courts that do not offer e-Filing. Concierge Service provides a single electronic entry point to the court and delivers an efficient and secure workflow for the attorney. This expansion of Concierge Service allows attorneys to file into Fresno, Kern, Riverside, San Diego, San Bernardino, San Joaquin, Stanislaus and Tulare counties from their computer. In addition, litigators in Contra Costa now also have access to Service of Process at the time of filing. While within the File & ServeXpress portal, attorneys are able to request process service with their newly filed complaint/summons or subpoena.

“Today’s litigator is looking for proficiencies in how they work, and a one-stop shopping experience. Our goal is to provide them with a complete litigation solution that includes both security and efficiency,” said Tammy Carter, General Manager of File & ServeXpress. “Once a case enters our system electronically, the court and all parties have not only an easily searchable document repository, but the confidence their document exchange is secure for the life of a case.”

On June 1, 2016, File & ServeXpress launched Concierge Service and Service of Process to Alameda, Los Angeles, Sacramento and Santa Clara counties. File & ServeXpress has provided e-Filing and e-Service with Secure Document Exchange in San Francisco since 1998 and Contra Costa for Complex Cases since 2005.

About File & ServeXpress
File & ServeXpress by Mozato, headquartered in Irving, Texas, focuses on providing attorneys with case, document and party management solutions that simplify the litigation workflow of a case. By offering electronic filing to courts, process service, secure document exchange among judges and attorneys, alert and notification tools, and a document repository, File & ServeXpress offers a complete litigation solution for the life of a case.

File & ServeXpress was formed in 2012 through an acquisition of two of the pioneers of e-Filing and electronic service – CaseFileXpress and File & Serve, a former LexisNexis company. The resulting combination brought together products and teams with more than 25 years of experience in legal e-Filing and service delivery, forming the leader in the industry.

The File & ServeXpress team has successfully worked with attorneys and courts around the country to implement electronic filing, with existing e-Filing and/or secure document exchange projects spanning 30 states and the District of Columbia. The current products in the File & ServeXpress portfolio include File & ServeXpress and CaseFileXpress.

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Bonnie Caver