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  • NEW CASE ALERT – File & ServeXpress Provides E-Service with Secure Document Exchange for 2004 NPM Adjustment Proceedings Tobacco Arbitration

    Irving, Texas (April 8, 2016) – File & ServeXpress has been selected to provide e-Service with Secure Document Exchange for the 2004 NPM Adjustment Proceedings Tobacco Arbitration. This arbitration is in reference to potential payment adjustments to Participating Manufacturers under the landmark Master Settlement Agreement signed in 1998 between 46 States and 4 tobacco companies. The 2004 NPM Adjustment Proceeding currently includes Attorney Generals from 20 states and 4 tobacco companies.

    Through e-Service with Secure Document Exchange, File & ServeXpress provides a secure online case room that allows for electronic exchange and distribution of pleadings and other litigation-related documents such as discovery, correspondence, deposition, notices and transcripts between counsels of record. By using a cloud solution for exchanging documents, parties can track and access documents and information online, share service lists and show proof of service, all in a secure platform.