Managing Your Health at the Office

A lot of times we find ourselves entering or leaving work feeling totally drained. Sometimes, that’s just going to happen! It’s perfectly okay to work hard to get your job done but make sure to maintain a healthy life inside and outside of the office to keep your tank filled up. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the thought of that, here are a few simple ways to manage your health without adding too much to your daily routine!
  Hydrate, always!
  You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again. Hydrating yourself throughout the day takes minimal effort but has extreme benefits including weight loss, body temperature regulation, cushioning sensitive tissues, lubricating joints, and boosting skin health. If you have a hard time remembering to drink water, figure out what works best for you! Buy a large water bottle that requires less filling up throughout the day, or add a new reusable straw to your current cup to help you drink faster!
  Sanitize Your Surroundings
  Be sure to routinely clean your keyboard, mouse, desk, phones, monitors, etc. Using a duster and Clorox wipe will suffice! Not only are you removing germs but it is mentally refreshing to clean your work atmosphere as you get ready for the day and week. Having a nice green plant for fresh oxygen can help add to that clean air!
  Keep A Good Posture
  Set your chair height up to appropriately match where your elbows rest on your desk. Use that stability to position your back and neck straight vertically, without looking too far down at your monitors. As the day goes on, your posture will begin to slouch and get lazy- so it helps to have a reminder sticky note on your monitor telling yourself to sit up straight! A healthy posture will have long-lasting benefits, as well as keep your energy and blood flow going throughout the day.
  Those aren’t so bad, right?! Totally manageable and absolutely worth the effort. A few other ways to keep your mind and body right at work are having nice scented candles, access to daylight versus overhead lighting, and always making sure to take the long walking route to the bathroom to get some steps in your day! Keep it up!

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