eService for Complex Litigation

The File & ServeXpress eService solution provides judges, clerks, and liaison counsel with the best tool for orderly and efficiently conducting a complex litigation as outlined in the Manual for Complex Litigation. Our eserve features will facilitate the expeditious, economical, and just resolution of the litigation.

In complex litigation as well as state and federal MDL cases, File & ServeXpress eService enables an efficient litigation, document repository, and maintenance of an online service list.

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The Advantages of Using File & ServeXpress in a Complex Litigation

Electronic Service

The electronic exchange of all case documents with any party in the case, including pleadings, correspondence, and discovery

Shared Master Service Lists

Parties in the case can choose from a pre-defined, shared service list to provide updated information as needed throughout the case.

Proof of Service Delivery

Provides the court and attorneys involved in the case with proof that a document was served successfully.

Read Receipts

Provides the court and attorneys involved in the case with a date and time stamp of when service was opened.

Expense Tracking

Allows attorneys to enter custom billing information by transaction.

Case Conformer

Case Conformer is a new and innovative data consolidation and abstraction tool, providing nightly document and data transfer to your firm’s business systems.


An intuitive management dashboard that provides a global overview and instant access to all your cases at the tap of a button.