eService for Secure Document Xchange

eService for Secure Document Xchange is the exchange and management of pleadings and other legal documents that utilizes multiple levels of security to ensure documents are safely delivered and remain secure.

E-mail, although convenient, is an outdated method of exchanging documents. It puts firms and their clients at risk of data breaches. Additionally, like faxing, it is solely a transmission method. File & ServeXpress’ eService with Secure Document Xchange is both a best practice for keeping your document delivery safe, while adding a layer of protection of your clients’ data if a cyber attack occurs within your firm, as well as a best practice of workflow; providing an efficient means of building a searchable online case file.

The File & ServeXpress system offers much more than electronic delivery and document storage, eService with Secure Document Xchange offers encrypted transmission, reliable and verifiable service, and secure online case files, created in real-time as firms exchange documents.

The Advantages of Using File & ServeXpress for Service