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With deadlines looming and precious time to capture the correct, most-up-to-date details, you’ve got to trust your source for case documents. Welcome to File & ServeXpress. Search our online eFiled document repository for the latest and most comprehensive source for all case documents. For a list of courts making eFiled documents available for access, view Available Courts.

Access to Courts Across the Country

300+ Jurisdictions

We work with key courts all over the country spanning 30 states and the District of Columbia.

20+ Years of Case History

Our database includes over 20 years of litigation history filed at the state level giving you access to over 45 million dockets and documentation.

24x7 Access

Gain immediate access to key documents, courts and rulings all from the convenience of your desk. Get information when you need it most, day or night.

U.S. Business Filings

Breaking Business News

With File & ServeXpress as the official eFiling provider for the Delaware Court of Chancery, you are the first to know the latest news of the world’s business affairs.

Research Business Filings

Easily search through thousands of business litigation cases with as specific or as wide a set of criteria as you desire.

Hourly Updates

The entire public record of each case is available in real-time as documents are filed.

Download Pleadings

Case documents are easily accessible on the File & ServeXpress system. We also offer many hearing transcripts, providing further in depth information on what happened in court.

Customizable Alerts

Stay Up-To-Date on Case Activity

Set up Alerts to keep up-to-date on new activity in your cases—and cases you are not involved in but want to monitor. Receive emails notifying you of new activity, or check online for alert updates.

Track Specific Cases

Want to stay in the loop, but not run ad-hoc reports and custom searches? Alerts can monitor specific case activity and other public cases. And users can share alerts for no additional cost.

Gain 24x7x365 Monitoring Power

Our Alerts allow users to select individual criteria and have an electronic assistant monitor the system 24 x 7 x 365 for new activity based on the defined criteria.

Legal Researchers - Develop Key Insight

Understand Opposing Councel

Gain strategic insights into opposing council—their history, success, style—to better build your case.

Evaluate Judge’s Experience

Review a Judge’s history with particular cases and case types and analyze their rulings to best prepare for your case and approach.

Jurisdiction Review

Audit a jurisdiction to understand the nuances and styles of that jurisdiction – determine which cases are important to understanding the predominant litigation.

Media - Information at Your Fingertips

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Gain immediate access to key documents, courts and rulings all from the convenience of your desk. Get information when you need it most, day or night.

Save Critical Time

With key courts and documents at your fingertips, save time spent on searches and more time reviewing critical information to support your investigative story or your case

Reconciliation & Billing Reports

Choose reconciliation and billing reports by client matter number, case number and jurisdiction. Client billing reports may be run for any date range you choose.

Accounting System Integration

For larger firms, we can integrate a firm’s accounting system to reduce the data entry burden on accounting staff.

Full Spectrum of Support

Access our knowledgeable eFiling & eService support teams to get the help you need, when you need it.

24×7 Phone Support

Have Questions? Contact our eFiling specialists today: 888-529-7587

Online Registration

Ready to sign up for eFiling or eService? We offer free, online registration.

Educational Events

From a simple introduction to advanced topics, we offer a variety of in-person events and webinars.