If your firm is already registered with File & Serve Texas and you don’t know if you are, please contact your account administrator or you may contact File & Serve Texas client support at or 888.247.2051.

Tips You Can Use

Tip 1:

If you’re already registered in the statewide system? Your log-on is your email address – and password, it will also work for File & Serve Texas.

Tip 2:

Not sure if you are registered? Try logging in to File & Serve Texas with your email address, and select “forgot password.”

Tips for Administrators:

Tip 1:

File & Serve Texas (account) administrator(s) should be the first member(s) of the firm to register on File & Serve Texas. The firm administrator adds all firm users to ensure they are associated to the firm. The firm may have multiple account admins.

Need help registering all members of your firm? Contact our Texas team to find out how we can help!

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Filing Fees

Texas’ statewide eFiling system requires payment by credit card.

File & Serve Texas accepts American Express, Visa, and MasterCard credit cards, debit cards, and pre-paid debit cards. File & Serve Texas also offers monthly billing. (no additional fees for monthly invoicing) If you’re interested in monthly billing, please contact client support for a registration form.

You’ll receive a monthly invoice for all transactions filed through our system. Payments of invoices are due net 15.

You’ll pay $2.99 for each transaction eFiled plus sales tax and any applicable statutory fees as well as a 2.89% convenience fee charged by the portal.

Fees that may be assessed for an eFiling include:

1. Court Fees

These fees can include case initiation fees, filing fees, jury demand fees, citation preparation fees, copy fees, etc. These fees are the same as those charged for filing over the counter.

2. Court Service Fee

Jurisdictions MAY elect to collect a Court Service Fee for accepting eFilings. Many jurisdictions such as the appellate courts, Dallas District, Travis District, Denton District, and Hidalgo District do not collect a jurisdiction (convenience) fee. A $2.00 Court Service fee is the norm in most jurisdictions.

3. eFiling Manager Convenience Fee

eFiling Manager charges a 2.89% credit card processing fee on the total of all fees for the filing. Since the jurisdictions cannot pay this fee it is charged to the filer.

No fees are charged when an electronic filing is rejected by the Court Clerk.

Live Webinars

Learn the step-by-step process of eFiling and eServing, and view the actual screens you will see when you create a transaction.

How To Guides

Learn more about best practices when eFiling and eServing with our quick and informative videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our detailed How-To Guides and Tipsheets are great to have as references to help guide you through the process.