File & ServeXpress General Questions

A: If the organization administrator on your firm’s account no longer works for your firm or is unavailable, another registered user can be set as the organization administrator instead. One of the users on the account must request via email that we make this change by emailing

A: Have your organization administrator go to the Preferences section (upper right hand corner of any screen) and select Manage User. Select Remove or Transfer. Select yes the use user is moving to a different organization. Then have them search for the organization you are moving to. Lastly select yes to continue.

A: The authorizing attorney cannot be changed after you have submitted your filing you will need to file an amended filing if the wrong authorizer was selected.

A: An organization administrator on your firm’s account can add users by clicking File & ServeXpress Preferences in the top right hand corner of their account, then clicking Add User from the list on the left.


A: Go to the Preferences section (upper right hand corner of any screen) and select the My Notification Options link on the left hand side. Under Email Notification of Inbox Items select ‘Do not send email’.

A: If it is Jurisdiction that provide conformed copies please view the PDF version of your accepted document, which you can find in many places including the view link in the case history search or he PDF link on the transaction details page.

A: Click on the Alerts tab from the home page, click Delete for the alert you would like to remove.

Filing was submitted to the court and is awaiting review by the court clerk. (This also applies to Discovery Services)
Filing was accepted by the court clerk.
The court clerk rejected filing – You must correct and resubmit your filing; payment is not processed.


A: If there are any notices they will appear in the upper right corner of your screen right below your name and firm.

A: It moved to the footer right next to the FAQ link.


File & ServeXpress accepts American Express, Visa, and MasterCard credit cards, debit cards, and pre-paid debit cards for CaseFileXpress transactions. File & ServeXpress also offers monthly billing for firms/agencies with credit approval. Please contact customer support to request our credit application:

A: Although, currently we don’t have an on-line payment option, we do offer the option of using our ‘Payment Authorization Form’ for either a one-time payment or to setup auto-monthly recurring payments for your account.  If you would like to receive a copy of our payment authorization form, please email us at

A: Yes, from the home page go to the Track & Manage Section and select the Billing Information Link. From there in the format dropdown select Invoice and then select the month and date you want to view.

A: Yes, have your organization administrator go to the Preferences section (upper right hand corner of any screen) and select the My Organization link on the left hand side. There is a section titled Invoice Options. Simply choose Electronic Invoices only and enter the email address where you would like your invoice to be emailed.


Registering for CaseFileXpress is simple:

  1. Access the CaseFileXpress system at
  2. Complete steps 1-4: Filer Details, Firm Details, Delegate Selection, and User ID/Password. *
  3. Click Create Account at the end of Step 4.

*You will be asked to enter a firm registration code.  If you are registering in an existing firm, you should acquire the firm registration code from your firm’s CaseFileXpress firm manager, or, you can request it from File & ServeXpress customer support at or 877-433-4533.  If your firm is not registered within the CaseFileXpress system you must create a firm registration code and complete the Firm Details tab.

When you register within the CaseFileXpress system, we validate your bar number with the Court’s case management system. We will notify you immediately if your bar number cannot be validated.  Please contact the clerk’s office by phone at 202-879-1133 or email with your full name, business address, business phone and fax number, DC bar number, and email address.  Once the clerk’s office adds your bar number to their case management system, you may register and eFile through CaseFileXpress to the Court.

Simply click on the appropriate link on the CaseFileXpress login page. After answering your challenge questions, your user ID and/or password will be emailed to the email address in your CaseFileXpress profile.

Your user ID cannot be changed, but you may change your password anytime and as often as necessary.

To change your password, click on Change Password under the Account Setting menu on your Dashboard. Create the new password and submit. For questions regarding your user ID, you may contact File & ServeXpress customer support at or 877-433-4533.

Once logged in to CaseFileXpress, click on View/Update Profile under Account Settings on your Dashboard.

See below for Pricing:

  • Regular Filing: eFiling fees are calculated by adding the court filing fee (if applicable) + CaseFileXpress fee ($15.00) + a (2.5% + $1) processing fee to NIC.
  • Discovery Service Only: $8.50 + a (2.5% + $1) processing fee to NIC, regardless of the number of attorneys served, up to 30 MB per transmission.
  • Small Claims and Landlord Tenant Filing Fee: eFiling fees are calculated by adding the court filing fee (if applicable) + $5 + a (2.5% + $1) processing fee to NIC.
  • Batch Filing Fee: eFiling fees are calculated by adding the court filing fee (if applicable) + $62.50 + a (2.5% + $1) processing fee to NIC – up to 25 Small Claims or Landlord tenant filings per batch.

File & Serve Delaware QUESTIONS

Only the Court of Common Pleas uses File & serve Delaware. Superior Court, Court of Chancery, Supreme Court, and the Register of Wills all use File & ServeXpress.

Go to and click on the “Register” link below the “Login” button. This will take you to the registration page where you can choose the type of account you want to register and follow the steps to create your account. Note that there is an option to join an existing account. You will need to obtain your organization identification number from your account administrator to complete this option.

File & ServeXpress accepts American Express, Visa, and MasterCard credit cards, debit cards, and pre-paid debit cards for File & Serve Delaware transactions. File & ServeXpress also offers monthly billing for firms/agencies with credit approval. The administrator should select the “Admin” tab from their homepage and select “Modify” next to the organization name. Then they should click the box next to “Request for monthly invoice” and “Save” to send the request. For more information, please contact customer support

Your account administrator can create new accounts by clicking on the “Admin” tab in their account. Upon entering the User’s information and clicking “Add User” an email with credentials will be sent to the new user to Register and Activate their account.

24/7 Phone Customer Support at 888-529-7587; Email to; and online chat support during business hours from 8 a.m. & 7 p.m. ET. There are also website resources at 


Los Angeles

  • Register & go to and click the Register tab OR go to and select either a Law Firm account or a Pro Se Filers account.
  • Sign-up for a training session: go to our home page at under Products & Services menu select California. On this page you should be able to see our available Training information for Los Angeles eFiling.
  • Watch for email announcements
  • A computer or laptop with Internet access
  • Internet browser (Internet Explorer will yield the best results; however most other browsers are supported)
  • Document creation software such as Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect.
  • A scanner to scan supporting documents and exhibits (minimum 300 DPI)
  • Adobe Reader or similar PDF viewer software to read and open and view PDF documents
  • Optional (PDF conversion software)
  • A File & ServeXpress login
  • You must eServe documents that are eFiled
  • You may eServe documents that are not eFiled, such as correspondence, discovery, etc.
  • You must always serve documents in paper on self-represented parties & non-parties

24/7 Phone Customer Support at 888-529-7587; Email to using “LA Probate Cases” in the subject line; and online chat support during business hours from 8am & 7pm ET. There are also website resources at

San Francisco

A. Your firm will need to set up a File & ServeXpress account and add your individual attorneys and staff to your account. If you are a self-represented or pro per party, select “law firm” and then choose Self Represented Individual or Self-Represented Organization. You will not be charged any one-time or recurring fees for setting up your accounts. Click here to Register

A. After you register and log into your account for the first time, you may designate one or more individuals as account administrators. An account administrator can add or delete users, set permissions and make any necessary updates.

A. Mandatory eFiling & eService begins on Monday, December 8, 2014 in all General Civil case types except Limited Unlawful Detainer and Small Claims cases. Asbestos, Complex and Probate cases are also mandatory for eFiling and eService within the San Francisco Superior Court. All of the mandatory case types are already live and available for eFiling & eServing through File & ServeXpress. In fact, these case types have been available for voluntary eFiling & eServing for several months and if you have been eFiling into these cases through File & ServeXpress you do not need to change anything.

A. The Court implemented an Electronic Information Management project to bring court-wide efficiencies to reduce paper storage and handling, accept electronic documents to eliminate scanning into the Court’s case management system and leverage staff resources more effectively.

A. If you eFile a document with the Superior Court of San Francisco, you are required to eServe that document to the other parties in your case. However, Self-Represented Individuals and Self-Represented Organizations must be served with paper copies. You also have the option to eServe documents that are not eFiled, such as correspondence, discovery, etc.

A. When you electronically file documents with the Court we’ll calculate the court’s statutory filing fees and advance those fees to the Court on your behalf. Your firm will be invoiced monthly for those advanced filing fees. The cost is only $7 to eFile and $8 to eServe, regardless of the size and number of documents or parties on the service list. 


  • Yes, all users need a login.
  • You can obtain a login and password online directly by visiting the File & Serve Illinois website: – and select Register with E-mail.
  • NOTE FOR NEW REGISTRANTS: the FIRM ADMIN should create an account and register all filers at the firm, which will link all filers to the firm’s account. If a firm member registers individually, it will require eFileIL to merge the accounts.
  • A computer (either PC or Mac) with internet access.
  • A scanner: this is not required but recommended if you need to scan paper documents.
  • An internet connection and a browser. Currently, only Internet Explorer (Version 6 or greater) is supported.
  • To view case documents, you need to download and install Adobe Reader. This free reader can be downloaded from Adobe’s website.
  • To post documents to the website, they must be in PDF format. We offer FREE PDF conversion of documents.
  • If you need free PDF conversion, you can attach a document(s) in an editable version in “Step 3 – Documents.” The File & Serve Illinois system will automatically convert the document to PDF and will attach both the native format and the PDF format to the transaction. Both formats of the document(s) will be provided for viewing in the “Documents” section of “Step 5 – Review & Submit” prior to submitting the transaction.
  • If you have filed into any Court on the eFileIL system, then you have a user name and password; you can use that user name and password to login to File & Serve Illinois. (This will NOT be the same login as your File & ServeXpress user name.)
  • If you do not have an eFileIL user name and password, please go to and select Register with E-Mail.
  • If you are not sure if you have already registered your email, click the “Forgot Password” link and enter it in the Email ID field. If you have not already registered your email, you will receive the following message: No user is registered with that email address.
  • NOTE FOR NEW REGISTRANTS: the FIRM ADMIN should create an account and register all filers at the firm, which will link all filers to the firm’s account. If a firm member registers individually, it will require eFileIL to merge the accounts.
  • Consult our File & Serve Illinois Training & Resources page to register for live webinars, view on-demand Training Videos and download step-by-step User Guides.
  • With each filing, you provide the necessary case information and upload your documents. You may file several documents in a filing and each document can have multiple exhibits.
  • The filing fees will be automatically attached to the filing, and you will pay by credit card. If you choose to register for monthly billing with File & Serve Illinois, you will be billed within thirty (30) days. Please contact Customer Support for details on how to register for monthly billing: 888-529-7587.
  • File & Serve Illinois is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Consult your local court rules for the court review timelines and schedules. Note: The system may be temporarily offline from time to time for maintenance purposes.
  • After you file documents, you can also serve the documents electronically onto the registered parties.

According to Section 7 of the Supreme Court of Illinois Electronic Filing Procedures and User Manual regarding “Timing of e-filing; mechanics:”

  • The EFSP and the EFM are agents of the Court for the purpose of eFiling and receipt of electronic documents. Upon submission of an eFiled document, the EFSP will email to the registered user a transaction confirmation which shall serve as proof of submission.
  • A document will be considered timely submitted if eFiled before midnight on or before the date on which the document is due.
  • A document submitted electronically after midnight or on a day when the Clerk’s office is not open for business will, unless rejected, be file stamped as filed on the next day the Clerk’s office is open for business.
  • An eFiled document submitted to the Clerk for filing shall be deemed filed upon review and acceptance by the Clerk. The filed document shall be endorsed with the clerk’s electronic file mark setting forth, at a minimum, the identification of the Court, the Clerk, the date and the time of filing.
  • After the Clerk reviews an eFiled document, the registered user will receive an e-mail notification of the review results.
  • In the event the Clerk rejects a submitted document, the document will not be filed and the registered user will receive an electronic notification of the reason(s) for the rejection.
  • A document requiring a motion and a Court order allowing its filing that is properly eFiled pursuant to subparagraph d of paragraph 5 of this manual, will be deemed filed on the date the motion is granted.

If an eFiled document is untimely due to a technical failure or a system outage, the registered user may seek appropriate relief from the Court, upon good cause shown.

When you file, you are asked to select the type of document you are filing. The Court has hundreds of document types and selecting the correct one can be difficult.

The state is working towards creating a standard configuration which will be adopted by each county in the state. If a filing code that you are looking for is not available, please Contact eFileIL to let them know.

Yes. The eFileIL system adheres to state and federal security regulations and meets Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) to protect filer and transaction information.

FSIL does not transfer properties in a word.doc file. FSIL does not keep the changes in a “track changes” markup. If a document includes comments that are visible in the document, these visible comments/notes will be included in the PDF conversion – but this is not “metadata.”


The Supreme Court of Texas mandated eFiling in Texas on January 1, 2014. In support of the Supreme Court mandate, the Office of Court Administration is transitioning from the existing portal to a new statewide eFiling portal called Our eFiling system is expanding to connect to, beginning on October 1, 2014.

No, once you register with our system, you will simply need to link your firm to 

You may either pay on a per transaction basis with your credit card or you can sign-up for monthly invoicing by contacting to fill out the necessary form. Payments of invoices are due net 15. Our fee is transaction-based. You will pay $2.99 for each transaction eFiled plus any applicable statutory fees as well as a 2.89% convenience fee charged by the portal.

The maximum file size is 35MB per transaction.