File & ServeXpress, headquartered in Irving, Texas, was formed in 2012 through an acquisition of two of the pioneers of e-Filing and electronic service – CaseFileXpress and File & Serve, a former LexisNexis company. The resulting combination brought together more than 30 years of experience in legal e-Filing and service delivery to form the leader in the industry.

File & ServeXpress provides a digital gateway between the legal community and court systems, with a secure, web-based e-Filing solution. Built on a platform with court case management and document management in mind, the File & ServeXpress e-Filing solution has flexible integration with both in-house custom built and commercial CMS and DMS systems. This helps courts improve workflow, provide real-time accessibility to documents, reduce paper and eliminate redundant manual data entry. And, in a few simple steps, attorneys can electronically submit case documents to court, exchange documents among case parties, and maintain case data and documents (including discovery) for access and retrieval.

File & ServeXpress has led the industry since 1991 and set the standard for innovation in e-Filing and service solutions through the development of best of breed court and law firm workflow tools such as judicial workflow routing, distribution of court-generated documents to case parties, and satisfying access demands through a highly searchable and accessible repository of all e-Filed documents for the filing community.

File & ServeXpress manages more than 45 million documents a year, has implemented nearly 300 jurisdictions and has more than 165,000 users that are provided with a variety of free training resources.

The File & ServeXpress service model extends beyond the initial sale of the product with an unequaled after-sale support network of account managers, trainers and a toll-free, on-shore client service center available 24/7/365 to all users. File & ServeXpress solutions are supported by the most experienced personnel in the industry, with attorneys and legal experts assisting at every level of implementation and utilization. Additionally, with the most expansive systems and service for supporting law firm and attorney requirements, the court staff is relieved of that burden.

File & ServeXpress combines exceptional client service and advanced e-Filing and e-Service technology with the management and financial strength of its private investors. File & ServeXpress was formed by the shareholders of MMC Group, LP, Strait Lane Capital and Rosewood Private Investments specifically to acquire File & Serve and CaseFileXpress.