The Washington DC Superior Court Launched eFiling in Small Claims and Landlord Tenant cases effective October 14, 2018.

The Washington, DC Superior Court now mandates eFiling for new and existing Small Claims and Landlord Tenant cases through CaseFileXpress, the electronic filing portal of the court. Filers are able to file a single new case or a batch of up to 25 new cases for both of these case types, as well as file into an existing single case or into a batch of up to 25 existing cases.

To learn more read the court’s latest eFiling Order.


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Features At-A-Glance

eFile 24x7

With the convenience of CaseFileXpress you can meet filing deadlines without leaving your desk. You can even save a filing as a draft for review by others or to file in the future with the click of a mouse.

eServe Opposing Counsel

Online Service Lists make it quick and easy to serve opposing counsel electronically.

Receive immediate proof of delivery

Eliminate uncertainty and lag time when you file and serve. Our proactive notifications immediately let you know precisely when, how, and to whom your documents were delivered, when you have been served with documents, and the status of your filings (submitted, accepted, and/or rejected).

Increase efficiency today

At $15 per eFiling and eService transaction (with an unlimited number of eServe recipients), CaseFileXpress is the smart way to increase your firm’s bottom line by increasing efficiency and improving productivity.

File & Serve anytime with no rush fees.

Avoid the hassles of courier rush fees. With CaseFileXpress there are never rush fees and filing and serving takes a matter of minutes.

Free document access in your cases.

Access your case documents electronically served upon you or eFiled/eServed by you, including file stamped copies, eServed copies, and judge’s orders 24×7, via a secure, password-protected Internet connection.

Mandatory Case Types

The following case types are currently mandated for eFiling in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia:

Civil & Tax Cases

  • Civil I Cases
  • Civil II Cases

Family Cases Mandatory

  • Abuse & Neglect
  • Domestic Relations
  • Juvenile Delinquency
  • Family Special Proceeding
  • Interstate Compact
  • Person in Need
  • Traffic
  • Termination of Parental Rights

Probate Cases with codes Mandatory

  • ADM (Large Decedents’ Estates),
  • SEB (Small Decedents’ Estates),
  • INT (Intervention Proceedings),
  • IDD (Interventions – Developmental Disability),
  • GDN (Guardianship of Minors’ Estates),
  • FEP (Foreign Decedents’ Estates),
  • FOI (Foreign Intervention Proceedings),
  • LIT (Major Litigation),
  • TRP (Trusts),
  • NRT (Notice of Revocable Trusts),
  • DIS (Disclaimers),
  • PBM (Probate Miscellaneous), and WIL (Wills);

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