File & Serve Texas is a customized eFiling and eService application, developed by File & ServeXpress – the same company that pioneered eFiling in Texas over 20 years ago. In 2019, File & ServeXpress received its fourth consecutive award for the “Best eFiling Service” in Texas. In addition, FSX holds the contract to provide electronic filing services to the State of Texas Office of the Attorney General and US Attorney General.


  1. User-Friendly
  2. Smart
  3. Storage
  4. Monthly Billing & Invoicing
  5. 24/7 Customer Support


✔ 24/7/365 expert support
✔ Monthly invoicing for all transactions
✔ We advance all court fees by placing a FSTX credit card on your firm account
✔ Permanent document storage
✔ Free PDF conversion
✔ Dedicated firm account manager
✔ Rejected filing support
✔ EService for complex cases nationwide
✔ Concierge eFiling anywhere in the country

Getting Started

Step 1: Register

a) Provide information about your organization and add any users who will need to eFile and/or access documents in a case.

b) If you are already registered in the statewide EFileTexas.gov system; use your existing E-mail address and password. Your credentials will sign you into File & Serve Texas.

c) If your firm is already registered and you don’t know if you are; please contact your account administrator, or you may contact File & Serve Texas client support at info@fileandserve.com or 888.247.2051.

Step 2: Learn

Learn the step-by-step process of eFiling & eServing, and view the actual screens you will see when you create a transaction. You will even get tips and tricks provided straight from the court.

Step 3: Login

Have a Question? Get in touch with one of our eFiling specialists to help jumpstart your process.


File & ServeXpress provides you with outstanding training to help improve your firm’s eFiling process as well as the back office-business. Our team of seasoned training professionals are experienced working with law firms to increase productivity and maximize time constraints.

Please make sure you visit the educational resource page. You can view new video tutorials, user guides, frequently asked questions and on-demand webinars.

If you have any additional questions or need support, you can contact File & ServeXpress Client Support at 1.888.529.7587, or email them at support@fileandserve.com. You can also email the File & ServeXpress training team at fileandservetraining@fileandserve.com.

We currently do not have any available Live Webinars. If you would like to have a live session for you and your firm. Please contact us at support@fileandserve.com and we will help you set up a quick training session with our eFIling & eService experts!.

Visit our Video Library under our Resources page.

To learn more about eFiling and eServing, the following user’s guides provide detailed information on product features, benefits and technical specifications. Download this essential reading today.

Why should I switch to File & Serve Texas?
File & ServeXpress stands apart from other EFSPs because we provide service beyond just eFiling. With over 25 years’ experience in eFiling and eService, we were the first in the industry to bring eFiling to the legal community. As such, our solution is robust and a proven model in the market, capable of managing the most complex litigations and high volume filing needs of today’s law firms. If you are using a free system you’re probably getting exactly what you pay for.

Our document repository and full-service solution for delivery, access and control over the litigation work cycle allow our clients to recognize up to 80% in savings in costs associated with traditional document delivery, tracking and case file storage. Remember that if you try File & Serve Texas for a few filings and decide that you prefer your previous service provider, all you do is quit using File & Serve Texas and start using your old service provider again. You have absolutely nothing to lose by giving us a try. See our welcome page for more info about our features.

Do I have to re-register in order to use File & Serve Texas?
No. Your login to File & Serve Texas is your email address and password that you use to login to your present service provider.

Do I have to re-register my firm and staff?
No, eFiling Manager stores all your firm, filer, and payment account information. When you, or another firm member, logs into File & Serve Texas the first time we download all that information from eFiling Manager.

Do I have to set up new payment accounts if I switch to File & Serve Texas?
No. We download your payment account information from eFiling Manager so you will use the same payment account with File & Serve Texas that you used for your prior service provider.

What happens to all my past filings if I switch to File & Serve Texas?
They all stay in the eFiling Manager system. At any time, you can login to your previous service provider and look at your prior eFilings and eServices.

What happens if I decide to go back to my previous service provider?
You simply login to your old service provider and start eFiling through them. You don’t have to cancel your File & Serve Texas account.

Will I still receive eService notifications for my existing cases?
Yes, regardless of the service provider for the serving counsel or the receiving counsel, you will notice no change in eServices sent or received by you.

Why do my cases not show when I login at File & Serve Texas?
File & Serve Texas display cases after you submit a filing for that case. After your first submission that case displays on the Case Overviews page. Click the File button for that case to begin a submission.

What about eService – how will I receive notifications?
You will receive exactly the same notifications regardless of the service provider you use. You could switch to a different service provider each day for a week and you would never notice any change in your receipt of eService notification emails. The same goes for all eFiling notifications such as the acceptance email.

Available courts

Statewide eFiling

If your firm is already registered with File & Serve Texas and you don’t know if you are, please contact your account administrator or you may contact File & Serve Texas client support at info@fileandserve.com or 888.247.2051.

Filing Fees

File & Serve Texas fee is only $2.99 for each transaction. No fees are charged when an electronic filing is rejected by the Court Clerk.

File & Serve Texas offers Monthly Billing & Invoicing to help improve the back-office business. We advance all court fees by placing our credit card on your firm account. We will send a reconciled invoice every month for all transactions eFiled/eServed through our system. File & Serve Texas accepts American Express, Visa and MasterCard credit cards.

If you’re interested in monthly billing, please contact the Business Development Manager for a registration form. Jesse Guerrero, (972) 893-6691, jguerrero@fileandserve.com

Fees that may be assessed for an eFiling include:

  1. Court Fees
    These fees can include case initiation fees, filing fees, jury demand fees, citation preparation fees, copy fees, etc. These fees are the same as those charged for filing over the counter.
  2. Court Service Fee
    Jurisdictions MAY elect to collect a Court Service Fee for accepting eFilings. Many jurisdictions such as the appellate courts, Dallas District, Travis District, Denton District, and Hidalgo District do not collect a jurisdiction (convenience) fee. A $2.00 Court Service fee is the norm in most jurisdictions.
  3. eFiling Manager Convenience Fee
    eFiling Manager charges a 2.89% credit card processing fee on the total of all fees for the filing. Since the jurisdictions cannot pay this fee it is charged to the filer.

No fees are charged when an electronic filing is rejected by the Court Clerk.

Helpful Links

  1. If you’re already registered in the statewide EFileTexas.gov system? Your log-on is your email address – and password, it will also work for File & Serve Texas.

File & Serve Texas (account) administrator(s) should be the first member(s) of the firm to register on File & Serve Texas. The firm administrator adds all firm users to ensure they are associated to the firm. The firm may have multiple account admins.

Need help registering all members of your firm? Contact our Texas team to find out how we can help!

Jesse Guerrero: jguerrero@fileandserve.com
Kelsey Clark: kelseyc@fileandserve.com

Information regarding COVID-19

  1. Travis County District Courts
    Civil and family courts are suspending non-emergency hearings until April 13.
  2. Bexar County District Courts
    San Antonio courts suspended jury trials and jury service from March 16 to April 16
  3. Texas Supreme Court:
    The Texas Supreme Court issued a guidance notice for Texas courts about new procedures for COVID-19. Courts should reschedule or postpone jury trials and large docket calls through at least April 1 to avoid gathering large groups of people. 
  4. Collin County District Courts and County Courts-at-Law:  
    • The courts have rescheduled, and will not have any jury trials in all non-essential court matters between March 16 and April.
    • Joint statement

  5. Harris County District Courts
  6. Dallas County District Court