Fairfax Circuit Court

Electronic Filing for existing Contract, Divorce, and Personal Injury Case Types is now available.

We look forward to providing electronic filing for new case filings and all remaining Civil existing case types Summer 2022.​


File & ServeXpress is the exclusive electronic filing provider for Fairfax Circuit Court. FSX is dedicated to providing you with the tools and resources that you need in order to use our application efficiently and effectively.

Please visit the Court’s website to view specific rules and orders, and follow @FFXCircuitCourt on Twitter for updates directly from the Court.

Getting Started


There is no charge to register or add users with File & ServeXpress. Fill out the intake form and have your login credentials sent directly to your inbox.


Attend a training webinar with one of our eFiling Experts, or request a live training session by reaching out to the FSX Training Team.


Access your FSX account dashboard.
Visit our Support Center or reach out to an eFiling specialist for help.


How To: Create An FSX Account
Subsequent Filings Video Guide
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Frequently Asked Questions

As of May 2, 2022 eFiling and eService is available for existing Contract, Divorce, and Personal Injury cases.

At this time, electronic filings can only be made in existing cases.

We look forward to offering new case filings through FSX in the near future.

eFiling and eService will be available for the remaining case types in the near future. Registered FSX users in Fairfax, VA will be alerted via email when new case types are available for eFiling. You can also follow @ffxcircuitcourt on Twitter for updates directly from the Court.

While electronic filing and service is not mandatory in the Fairfax Circuit Court, the Court encourages all filers to use electronic filing whenever possible.

You may visit the Court’s website at https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/circuit/ or follow @FFXCircuitCourt on Twitter for updates directly from the Court. 

Yes, all Attorneys will need a File & Serve account to file your documents and to receive the filings in your cases. You can register your firm here.

File & ServeXpress stores all documents filed and served on its secure web-based application.

Please contact File & ServeXpress Client Support at 888-529-7587. Help is available 24/7.

The persons identified below may electronically file and serve documents once they have completed training, registered and agreed to terms and conditions:

  • Attorneys who are active members in good standing of the Virginia State Bar.
  • Eligible attorneys’ staff.

At this time, you will need to visit the Courthouse and work with the Clerk to reopen a closed divorce case.

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