File & Serve Illinois is ready to help as the eFiling landscape in Cook County changes to comply with a Supreme Court mandate to connect to the statewide Electronic Filing Manager (EFM). On July 1, 2018, eFiling into all divisions of Cook County must be initiated via a certified eFiling provider such as File & Serve Illinois. Use the quick links to navigate to File & Serve Illinois content that will help you prepare for the mandate.

eFiling – Migration to eFileIL

eFiling through eFileIL will become mandatory in Cook County on July 1, 2018. But File & Serve Illinois is available in Cook County now!

Timeline by Case Type:

  • – Permissive on eFileIL April 1, mandatory July 1, 2018::
    • • Divisions that were eFiling via OLIS: Chancery, Child Support, Civil, Domestic Relations, Law, Probate
    • • County Division – case types: adoption, marriage of minors, annexation and deannexation of land to a tax body, elections, inheritance taxes, mental health proceedings, real estate taxes, municipal organizations, orders of protection filed in conjunction with a mental health proceeding)
  • – Permissive on eFileIL May 1, mandatory July 1, 2018: :
    • • All other divisions: Criminal, Domestic Violence, Elder Law and Miscellaneous Remedies

eService – Still available on File & ServeXpress

File & Serve Illinois offers electronic service when filing into all courts, as well as, serve-only for all available courts. The Case Management Order for Cook County asbestos cases does not change and users will continue to electronically serve in these cases via File & ServeXpress.

Cook County Functionality

  • Request Hearing Date*:
    After submitting a transaction, filers may navigate to their Completed Filings and select the “Request Hearing Date” button to request a hearing date with the court.
  • Notification of Hearing Date Assignment*:
    After clerk review of the filing, the Hearing Date field located under Completed Filings will show the status of your request and, once accepted, will display the date and time.
  • Case Cross-Reference Number:
    A Case Cross-Reference Number field will be available to provide the court with additional data, as required for certain case types such as expungements and tax. Filers will also use the field for entering a Cook County Attorney Code, which is required for all Cook County filings except those in the County Division.
  • Schedule Return Dates*:
    Filers may schedule return dates indicating a deadline for filing responsive pleadings.
  • *Cook County is still in the process of integrating their Case Management System (CMS) with eFileIL. Until Cook County integrates each court division with eFileIL, filers will not be able to do the following through any eFiling provider:
    • Schedule & confirm hearing dates
    • Schedule return dates
    • Search for an existing district court case by case number or party name
      • Please note this limitation applies to ALL counties with a CMS that is not integrated with eFileIL; searches by case number will only retrieve results when filings for the case have been initiated in the eFileIL system.

Features At-A-Glance

eFile 24x7

With the convenience of File & ServeXpress you can meet filing deadlines without leaving your desk. You can even schedule a filing for the future with the click of a mouse.

eServe Opposing Counsel

Online Service Lists make it quick and easy to serve opposing counsel electronically. Plus, you receive instant proof of delivery and an online tracking status.

Receive immediate proof of delivery

Eliminate uncertainty and lag time when you file and serve. Our proactive alerts immediately let you know precisely when, how, and to whom your documents were delivered.

Lower your costs today

Now it’s just $2.99 per eFile transaction – one flat rate to eFile only, eServe only or eFile & eServe as many documents as you choose within a single transaction. It’s the smart way to increase your firm’s bottom line by reducing costs, increasing efficiency and improving productivity.

*Additional fees charged by the Courts and eFileIL system:

  • Standard Court Filing Fees – contact your local court for information on filing fees.
  • Convenience Fees – eFileIL charges a convenience fee to cover the credit card or eCheck processing fees.

File & Serve anytime with no rush fees.

Avoid the hassles of courier rush fees. With File & ServeXpress there are never rush fees and filing and serving takes a matter of minutes.

Free document access in your cases.

Access your case documents, including court orders, service lists, proof of service, and filing receipts 24 x 7, via a secure, password-protected Internet connection.

Helping You Every Step of The Way.

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