Serving your documents via email? Exposing your firm to hacks!

In an industry that relies heavily on security, accuracy, and detailed record-keeping, it is imperative to utilize a system you can absolutely trust in handling your everyday needs. While there are several document-transmission methods to choose from, it is apparent that email is still being used as a tool to store, communicate, and organize sensitive case documents. While it is understandable that email is a convenient and easily accessible tool, it is important to grasp that email is not a traceable, secure medium for document exchange. Unfortunately, email does not offer assurance of secure delivery, system security, or a sophisticated engine for search, retrieval, and tracking- leaving law firms vulnerable to hacks and unverifiable claims.  This is not a lesson you want to learn the hard way, so what can you do?

  You must look for an eService solution, that removes the risks that come along with email and find a service that offers secure online delivery. A secure online service is encrypted, consistent and verified, and provides online case files created in real-time as firms exchange documents. There are many advantages to eService as a method of information delivery when compared to the risk of email.  Here are a few of the highlights:

  Reliable Online Service

Ever send an email and wonder if the recipient really got it? With online service, you will have a reliable partner for document sharing between case participants that provides trackable proof of service. In efforts to ease the stress of serving your documents, eService can assure that everything is delivered safely to the correct recipient while providing easy access to the content of your documents and the reassurance that the other parties actually received your documents.

  Secure Online Case Files

Email is an easy and efficient solution for routine correspondence, but it lacks the security and reliability you need when handling documents in your cases. Ever wonder who else may be reading your emails, but is not on the recipient list?  With a robust online service application, your case files are stored with multiple system security barriers that are always running to prevent data breach conflicts. Each case file is encrypted in motion to prevent unauthorized access to your data. In all directions, the transmission of your files will be protected and secured.

  Robust Organizational Tools

In the legal world, time is of the essence, making organization essential. Know that your document is in your email, somewhere? Stop wasting time and pick an eService tool that has an internal search engine giving you quick and dependable access to your case data and documents, making the organization a synch. You can search the system by your court, case, authorizing attorney or firm, date, and more. To avoid missed deadlines, you can leverage tools that allow you to set up detailed alerts on case activity, automate tracking of key cases, and firm member-to-member share features that allow you to share both the alerts that you set up and what you are currently working on in any case.

  The benefits of using eService over email are vast. Predominantly, the benefits are protection and security, as well as the additional organizational services that email simply does not have. The tools on FSX were created to improve your firm’s efficiency and productivity to further ease the stress that comes with electronic filing and document management.  File & ServeXpress exists to keep your legal document exchange reliable, secure, and efficient.

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