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File & ServeXpress now provides both eFiling and eService in Madison County Circuit Court.

Please explore the informational documents and videos included on this page in order to best prepare you and your organization for the new, combined workflow. Webinar training sessions are also available, and that registration can be found in the Training Sessions section.

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Explore the resources below, including: user guides, feature overviews, videos, and live webinar sessions hosted by your local account manager.


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Features & Benefits



Update service recipients at any time, not just during filings



Reconcile easily with transactions grouped by client and case



Uploaded files are automatically virus-scanned and converted to PDF



Around the clock access to legal and tech experts via phone, chat, or email



Searchable storage of all filed or served documents



Trusted Microsoft Azure cloud hosting provides unparalleled security

Upcoming Training Sessions

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FSX is dedicated to providing you with the tools and resources that you need to use our products efficiently and effectively. Our team of seasoned training professionals not only know our products, but have years of experience working with local filers, law firms, and court systems.

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Effective June 2022, all FSIL/FSX users will now be able to eFile and eServe on File & ServeXpress in the Master Asbestos litigation matter, Jurisdiction Madison County. The necessity to eFile in FSIL and then eServe in FSX in this matter will cease.

In order to aline with eFileIL, the case class name has changed from “Law Asbestos” to “Asbestos (Negligence) (Up to $50,000,000)”. 

Yes, each platform is unique, and both are easily maneuverable. Video user guides and a “Single Flow” document are available above to assist our clients in mastering the eFiling/eService experience.

If you’d like a training session to show you how to use FSX, you can register at the bottom of this page, here.

Madison County is integrated with the state portal.

There are two locations where you will have to enter your FSIL username and password in order to authenticate and connect the case information. We’ve outlined these steps in the Single Flow Document, please refer to Steps 3 and 5.

Yes, you will need a File & ServeXpress account in order to eFile/eServe your documents, and to receive eService through FSX in your cases. You can register your firm here. If you already have an FSX account, you will continue to use the existing account for your eFiling/eService transactions.

File & ServeXpress stores all documents filed and served on its secure web-based platform. We will send you an Accepted email notification by which you may log into FSX and retrieve your file-stamped documents. Access to the documents you file, or are served with, will not expire and will always be available on FSX.

File & ServeXpress will advance statutory filing fees to the court on your behalf the day after the court accepts your filing. FSX will then invoice your firm monthly.

Please contact File & ServeXpress Client Support at 888-529-7587. Help is available 24/7.

For each filing, you will be required to enter your eFileIL login credentials on the ‘Review & Submit’ tab before submitting. This is what you use when signing onto File & Serve Illinois, or any provider that is registered with the state’s eFiling portal, Odyssey.

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