Payment Portal

How to Pay Your File & ServeXpress Invoice

View Your Invoice

You can now view your account invoice for all File & Serve products at any time by using the Pay My Invoice tab on your File & ServeXpress dashboard.
Use the “Pay My Invoice” tab on the File & ServeXpress application to conveniently view and settle your invoices for File & ServeXpress, CaseFileXpress, File & Serve California, File & Serve Delaware, File & Serve Illinois, File & Serve Maryland, and File & Serve Texas.

Pay Your Invoice

You can pay your invoice online via credit card, or with a check/savings account.  

Note: FSX will charge a 4.5% service fee for all payments that are manually processed by the FSX Accounting Team.

There are two ways to pay your invoice without incurring a 4.5% service fee:

Set up Monthly ACH Payment

You can sign up for monthly ACH payments at no additional charge by completing the ACH payment form and emailing it to

Pay online before the 20th of each month

Use the Pay My Invoice feature on the FSX application to pay your invoice(s) prior to the 20th of each month. 


View the FSX Payment Portal Guide to identify your Account ID, Invoice number and Firm name on your invoice. 

View the Optional Services Pricing Sheet for a complete list of prices for additional File & ServeXpress services, such as Alerts, Searches, and Read Receipts.

If you have any additional questions regarding your File & ServeXpress invoice, email

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